Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn

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He was expected on this point, and he did not disappoint us: Horizon offers itself a successful main scenario, with an intrigue around the origin of the machines that keeps us in breath until a sober conclusion, rich in answers and Convincing. This one especially has the merit of not leaving us on our hunger while offering an opening for a second episode. But if the scenario is pleasant to follow, it loses a few feathers en route because of narrative details: one will think of the red wire more down-to-earth around the tribes, which without being devoid of interest turns out Less attractive than that around the mysteries of the evolution of the earth. The alternation between these two narrative lines tends to dilute the key revelations and thus prolong the suspense somewhat artificially.
Horizon is based on a post-apocalyptic universe. Humans have had ample time to develop their own customs since the events that led the machines to spread their presence on the gaming world. At the beginning of the game, you have no information on why and how, and It will be up to you to progress in the main quest to unlock the keys of understanding of the world in which you evolve. In addition to the main quest, exploration will also be rewarded and it is quite regularly that you will be able to collect objects and documents giving some clues about your time, your location and the past history of the world. However, it will take the player a little patience before obtaining decisive information, the first part of the adventure being rather miserly in revelations. This being said, Horizon’s proposal is refreshing and obviously very worked, even if it would have been deeper digging and not being summed up in its first part to a simple clan war.

We will also consider these phases of revelations with audiologs, holograms and written documents, certainly interesting, but probably a little too long and inclined to break the rhythm of the adventure. Finally, the facial animations summaries and limited characters do not always allow to pass accurately emotions, evidenced by these sequences of disappearance of a character who at best leave you marble, at worst, you will snatch a smile embarrassed Because of the lack of naturalness of the scene.

The most original part of the app remains undoubtedly the presence of the machines and a hunting dimension around them. Aloy has a flexible grasp to go hunting down its opponents: it can crouch and hide at leisure in the tall grass, use a whole range of weapons ranging from the rattlesnake to the cable launcher through The bow or the sling, but also make speak his talents of climbing. This last point is however to be nuanced, the title only Horizon Zero Dawn : L'un des meilleurs mondes ouverts de ces dernières annéesallowing you to climb on certain predefined zones. It does, however, offer a rather flexible physics in the jumps of the young lady – very close to those of Lara Croft, moreover – which makes it possible from time to time to climb an area by slightly forcing the jumps, thus avoiding making the experiment Too frustrating. The furtive approach is most often to be preferred, our heroine quickly losing his hit points once attacked. Beyond stealth, good preparation is not to be neglected: place traps, use potions of resistance

The damage done to the machines will be more important if you favor attacks with an effective element against the enemy in question or one of its weak points. Similarly, it is better to use ammunition with a larger tear statistic, since it determines the ability of your offensive to detach the various elements making up the machine. On modest enemies, the only interest is to complete the combat as quickly as possible, but detaching some parts can also recover extra objects useful for crafting, get a heavy weapon or make the enemy harmless : For example, detaching the disc from a stinker lets you use your own weapon against it, while destroying the legs of a rock breaker will prevent it from taking refuge underground.

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